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From bike-touring to bikepacking

This April we made our first foray into bikepacking near Canyonlands, Utah. “Woaahh this is brilliant – it’s like riding a tank with suspension!” — these were our first impressions while riding a couple of Surly ECRs 27.5+ bikes as the sun painted the ancient rock-towers of Indian Creek in dark orange. Dustin and Natalie, […]

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Rolling the day away

It’s been a bad day at work. A vision-squeezing stressful kind of day. When the headache persists after a cup of tea, comfort food and some venting, one of us somehow summons the motivation to get out. And then, faster than second thoughts, we are out the door with our bikes. Out to the fields, […]

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Getting inspired by reality: lessons rolling by in Laos

Our experience of Laos seemed very different to what our friends and guide books described just a few years ago. I had imagined pedalling along forested roads with almost no traffic. What I saw instead was cleared land, extensive burning and many trucks and (expensive) cars. To be fair, we also passed many signs for protected areas down side roads away from the main road we were traveling, but overall this was not the still-pristine tropical cyclist’s paradise others before us had described.

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