About us

Adam teaches design technology and Julie works in environmental conservation. We have been friends for a long time, a couple since 2011 (that happened during the first bike trip) and married since 2015.

Nationalities are not the most important thing to us, but if you are curious we are both Swiss but Julie is also American and Adam is also British.

Why "This Ride Here"

No matter what path we're on, we want to be fully present. We get our kicks from finding flow, sleeping outside and the mini-epiphanies you get from adventures.

Being outdoors is key to our happiness and to human well-being, so we believe in travelling responsibly, minimizing our impact and doing what we can to contribute to conservation of wild places.

Where we're currently riding

From July 2018 to July 2019 we are exploring the Americas with our bicycles. The aim was and still is to discover more about the world and ourselves on roads less travelled. The destination matters less to us than following our curiosity and practicing mindfulness.

How to get in touch: adamjulie2015 (at) gmail.com