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From bike-touring to bikepacking
This April we made our first foray into bikepacking near Canyonlands, Utah. "Woaahh this is brilliant - it's like riding[...]
Rolling the day away
It’s been a bad day at work. A vision-squeezing stressful kind of day. When the headache persists after a cup[...]
When synthetic is better than natural
In contrast to conservation where natural tends to be preferred to synthetic, and control of our environmental destiny seems to[...]
Finding flow on the trail
The concept of flow or flow experience as per Mihaly Csikszentmihaly describes the state of consciousness an individual may enter[...]
Reflecting on personalities here and there
Kyrgyzstan 2012: a friendly woman who invited us in for teaOne thing I struggle with when traveling is the loss[...]
This is it! A video of the bike trip
One of the aims of our previous trip was to help raise awareness about melanoma skin cancer. In 2003, after[...]