This is it! A video of the bike trip

One of the aims of our previous trip was to help raise awareness about melanoma skin cancer. In 2003, after a my routine annual check-up with a dermatologist, I found that I had a stage 2 melanoma on my arm. Luckily it was detected and removed at an early stage and I continue to have annual check-ups. While I have rather sensitive, pasty, 'higher-risk' skin, anyone can get melanoma (Bob Marley died of a melanoma). 

I therefore want to encourage people to be more aware of their skin and to keep an eye on any new or changing moles. The Melanoma Institute Australia, the charity we chose to support, is the world's leading melanoma research and treatment centre. I was lucky to visit the centre at the start of the previous bike trip in 2011.

View the This is it! video by Adam Hughes on Vimeo or right here:

  • Fantastic video Julie! I particularly love the human beat-box at the end. I’m tempted to ask you whether your year on the road or your year in Cambridge has been the more life-changing experience, but I think I already know the answer… Good luck to Adam for the fundraising effort

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