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Biking the Great Divide Route

Dates: September 5th – October 9th 2018 Countries: Canada and USA Distance:  1240 km Number of riding days: 24  Wildlife highlights: elk, moose, black bears, fall colours Link to photos The world’s longest mapped mountain bike route: how could we not want to ride it? Once we set on our minds on it, we were […]

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A Ride across Alaska

Dates: July 7th – August 26th 2018 Country: Alaska, USA Distance: 2546 km Number of riding days: Approx. 6 weeks  Highlights: grizzly bears, black bears, musk oxen, moose, caribou, orca whales, bald eagles, friendly people, range of ecosystems, seeing Mt Denali. See the photos When it all beganThis was a journey that began well before […]

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Kokopelli, Utah

Dates: October 18th – 21st 2018 Country: Utah, USA Distance: 250 km Number of riding days: 4 Highlights: Sublime landscapes, trails and camping spots Link to photos

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Biking Canyonlands, Utah

Dates: October 27th – 30th 2018 Country: Utah, USA Distance: 156 km Number of riding days: 4 Wildlife highlights: herd of Bighorn Sheep Link to photos Unexpected highs in the depths of Canyonlands  – December 7 2018, by Julie –   There are few occasions in my life that I can recall having been able to add time […]

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