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A Ride across Alaska

Dates: July 7th – August 26th 2018 Country: Alaska, USA Distance: 2546 km Number of riding days: Approx. 6 weeks  Highlights: grizzly bears, black bears, musk oxen, moose, caribou, orca whales, bald eagles, friendly people, range of ecosystems, seeing Mt Denali. See the photos When it all beganThis was a journey that began well before […]

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A Ride through Mexico City

Dates: February 28th – March 4th 2019 Country: Mexico Distance: 37 km Number of riding days: 2 Highlights: Street art, people salsa dancing, bike lanes and bike sharing stations, trees, and the food. Link to photosDay 1, Thursday afternoon, first explorations We arrived in Mexico City without much of a plan – we just knew we […]

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Cycling across New Zealand

Dates: January 11th – March 5th 2011 Country: New Zealand Distance: 2593 km Number of riding days: approx. 38 Highlights: Empty roads on south island, beautiful, diverse scenery. (This was the start of Adam’s 23-month bike tour). Link to photos

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Corsica riding

Dates: October 16th – 21st 2016 Country: Corsica (France) Distance: 240 km Number of riding days: 4 (+1 Hike) Wildlife highlights: Wild board (with gravy…) Link to photos

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